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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

January 3, 2017
Technology enables us to monitor glucose in real time

One of the main goals of treating a patient with diabetes is to control blood sugar levels. It would be ideal to return patients’ 24- hour blood sugar profile towards normal healthy pattern seen in non-diabetic subjects. Technological advances have allowed physicians and patients to view these patterns continuously using Continuous Glucose Sensors. Broadly there are two applications of continuous glucose sensors. Sensors for professional use are used on patients by endocrinologists/diabetologists as a test to analyze glucose patterns and plan appropriate treatment modifications. On the other hand, continuous glucose sensors are available for ongoing patient use to enable patients to follow their glucose patterns in real-time. Alarms and notifications are made possible so patients can take appropriate corrective measures in anticipation.

Patient with a healthy blood sugar profile
Patient with an unhealthy blood sugar profile
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